The Three Musketeers

Picture if a MuskateerA musket is a long smooth-bore firearm, loaded from the muzzle and discharged using fire from the shoulder. It is unquestionably a gun. Yet in the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas (père), the heroes are swashbuckling swordsmen, not gunners. So why does the novel refer to them as musket-bearing soldiers?

The novel was, of course, written in French and published from March to July of 1844, serialized, then published as a volume or two. Shortly after, in 1846, William Barrow translated it into English; unlike most translations which go stale after about 50 years, the Barrow translation is still published today. it was a very faithful translation.

Dumas titled the book Les Trois Mousquetaires. Un Moustique is a mosquito, and it’s not a huge step to see how mosquitos and their method of attack is similar to that of Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

The book starts with D’Artagnan’s exploits to join these three, so technically the book retells the story of four muskateers. Another choice of the writer that sticks with us. The Three Musketeers is a story of four swordsmen. but we’re all in it because it is a first-rate adventure story.

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