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Sponsoring Academic Films

I’m a proud contributor to the Academic Films Archive of North America, an effort to preserve and catalog the monstrous number of 16mm academic films that exist today. French literature is one of my passions, which makes a couple of my choices obvious.

Rhinocéros (1965)

An animated version of Eugène Ionesco’s absurdist play, part of the 1950s théâtre de l’absurde movement. Ionesco was clearly influenced by writers like Albert Jarry, author of Ubu Roi, a play that opened and closed on the same day, causing the theatergoers to riot..

Encore un hiver (1979)

Most famous for her novel Bonjour tristesse(1954), Françoise Sagan wrote and directed this short piece about an elderly lady who returns to the same spot every year, waiting for a lover. 

Les Derniers Canuts (1965)

Les Derniers Canuts is a short documentary by director and novelist Jean Mailland that preserves a lost regional art: silk production in Lyons.

The Internet Archive has a list of all my contributions.

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