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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Tada! Consulting

I’m the founder and principal consultant at Tada! Consulting. It helps to solve problems, manage change, and improve efficiency. This is accomplished through three main areas of proficiency.


Statistics is a service discipline. With experience in manufacturing, survey and test instruments, linear models, and machine learning, a wide variety of techniques can be focused on your business problem. Software familiarity includes SAS, JMP, Tableau, R, Python, and SQL, and other tools have been integrated into projects as well. Projects can range from project planning and execution, optimal methods and analysis, to tailor-made scripts.


Former projects include writing large book-length software and API documentation, developing help systems for Windows, macOS, and Linux, producing reports and slide decks presenting research results, and writing white papers, blog posts, and marketing materials for product launches. Starting from scratch or revising existing materials are equally exciting.

In addition, language-specific services include translating technical and legal documents from French to English or managing internationalization projects.


We have developed and implemented courses for college students and for corporate training. These courses can be delivered by us or your trainers in either face-to-face or virtual classrooms. Our classroom experience ranges from secondary, post-secondary, undergraduate, and graduate courses. In addition to tailor-made courses, we offer pre-made courses like our most popular, Speak Up! – Effective Presentations in the Workplace.